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Terms and Conditions

Handling of Personal Information Used for this Web Site

1. The Company strives to appropriately manage personal information used for this Web site pursuant to its privacy policy described above in “Personal Information Protection Policy.”
2. The Company handles personal information provided and registered by users through Web sites in accordance with its privacy policy, described above in “Personal Information Protection Policy,” but excludes personal information that: has been registered at those sites for specific purposes, may not be provided to third parties, or was submitted to information contacts.
3. Users should direct any inquiries regarding personal information they have submitted to the Company through Web sites to the department in charge of such information at the specific Web sites where the information was originally registered.
4. While adhering to relevant laws and regulations as well as other standards for conduct, the Company strives to continually improve its measures for protecting personal information along with changes in social expectations.

Copyright Rules for this Web Site

1. The copyright to all content appearing on this Web site is held by the Company or other parties given approval to do so by the Company. Therefore, usage of these contents, including duplication, falsification, or distribution, beyond the extent allowed by laws governing personal usage is prohibited without prior permission.
2. The content of the Company’s e-mails sent to users are entirely owned by the Company under copyright protection. Therefore, forwarding or reprinting such content is prohibited without prior permission.
3. Users are advised in advance that when the Company solicits responses to surveys or promotions via this Web site, it reserves the right to use the information received from users, with the exception of personal information, for its own aims as well as for secondary purposes without giving prior notification.
4. Trademark symbols appearing in this Web site are the property of the Company or other parties given approval by the Company to hold them, and therefore, may not be used without permission.

Links to this Web Site

The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage to users’ computers caused by this Web site or the content or usage of Web sites of third parties linked to this Web site.

In principle, links to this Web site may be made freely, however, links may be rejected either in advance or retroactively on the basis of a linked Web site’s content (in terms of public decency or other reasons) or its method of establishing the link.

Recommended Software for Using This Web Site

Recommended Internet Browsers

The Internet browsers listed below are recommended for using this Web site.
Using other browsers may result in problems such as improperly displayed content

• Microsoft Edge

Note regarding browsers
Users are recommended to always use the most up-to-date version of their browser to ensure that Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) functions are effective and problems related to the most recent security bugs have been resolved.

Note regarding plug-ins

The plug-ins listed below are required to properly view the contents of this Web site. Users who do not have these plug-ins are recommended to take this opportunity to download them.

Usage of Cookies on this Web Site

1. This Web site employs the technology called “cookies” for the reasons listed as follows:
1) To increase the usefulness of this Web site when users revisit it
2) To record and analyze the usage patterns of this Web site
2. When a user views contents on this Web site that create cookies, a cookie file is saved on the user’s computer. The information that has been saved, however, includes no information that could identify the user.
3. Users can change the settings on their Web browser to reject the reception of cookies. In this case, however, some parts of this Web site will be unavailable for use.

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