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Privacy Policy

Handling of Clients’ Personal Information

COMSYS Holdings Corporation (hereafter, “the Company”) aims to be the most preferred and valued enterprise by all of its stakeholders. Therefore, to earn the trust of its clients and society, the Company strictly adheres to laws and regulations concerning personal information, and takes the utmost care in managing and protecting such information.

Company Guidelines Concerning Personal Information

Personal information shall be acquired in a legal and fair manner, and is not to be obtained through inappropriate methods.
Appropriate steps shall be taken to ensure that information security measures are in place, including restricting illegal access to information, in order to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
All laws and regulations, relevant guidelines, and contract stipulations with clients related to the protection of personal information shall be strictly adhered to. Special attention is given to the full protection of shareholder information received from shareholders and personal information obtained from clients through business operations.
When external parties are commissioned to provide transactions and services involving personal information, thoroughgoing management shall be undertaken, including such measures as concluding necessary contracts with those parties and following up to ensure that they are observing relevant rules and stipulations.
Efforts to implement, continue and improve relevant training shall be undertaken to ensure that all employees and members of the Company recognize the importance of personal information and handle it appropriately.

Hiroshi Tanabe
President and Representative Director
COMSYS Holdings Corporation

Purpose of Using Clients’ Personal Information

While observing the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan, the Company uses the personal information of its clients for the following reasons: to provide information and proposals to clients regarding business activities performed by the Company or its Group companies; to execute and conclude contracts; to carry out after-service; to contact and correspond with clients; to facilitate the development of new products and services; and to provide information deemed beneficial to clients.

Personal information in the Company’s possession is used for the following reasons:
1. To solicit opinions and feedback from clients
2. To respond to clients’ inquiries and requests for materials
3. To conduct market surveys and facilitate the development of products and surveys
4. To announce various events, seminars, promotions, and membership services
5. To send e-mail services or publications
6. To provide information related to products and services managed by the Company or its business partners
7. To confirm work performed for accounting audit purposes
8. To carry out other matters incidental or relevant to the Company’s business

To ensure the smooth execution of its business, the Company outsources some of its operations, which may involve placing personal information in the custody of third parties to the extent required to conduct these operations. In such cases, the Company undertakes appropriate supervision of this process, including the conclusion of contracts with the commissioned parties concerning the handling the personal information.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company does not provide personal information to commissioned third parties except in the following cases.

1.When prior consent has been given by the client
2.When the purpose for using the personal information is within the scope necessary to accomplish the outsourced operations
3.When the personal information is used in a way that individuals cannot be identified, such as data for statistical purposes
4.When authorities request personal information on the basis of laws and regulations
5.When it is difficult to obtain consent from clients for personal information under circumstances in which it is necessary to protect human life, physical safety, or private property
6.When it is difficult to obtain consent from clients for personal information under circumstances in which it is necessary to maintain public order or protect the well-being of children
7.When concerns exist that attempting to gain consent from clients will pose an obstacle to the execution of work that is necessary to carry out in cooperation with national or local governments that have mandated such work through laws or ordinances

Disclosure, Correction, and Ceased Usage of Personal Information

In the event that a client makes a request to have his or her personal information disclosed, corrected or deleted, the Company will confirm the identity of the person making the request and respond accordingly within a reasonable period of time, as follows.

1. A client’s personal information will be disclosed when he or she requests to see it.
2. A client’s personal information will be corrected, supplemented, or deleted according to his or her request; however, this is only possible when details in the personal information differ from actual facts.
3. A client’s personal information will be deleted or ceased from being used according to his or her request; however, this request may not be possible if the personal information is being held in accordance with laws or regulations.

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