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Disclosure of Information

The Company carries out disclosure in accordance with the system defined in the Disclosure of Corporate Affairs and Other Related Matters section of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan, as well as with the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuer of Listed Securities and the Like (hereafter, “Timely Disclosure Rules”) established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
In accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company announces information to the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) system after initially reporting it directly to the exchange. The same information disclosed through TDnet is then quickly reported on this Web site. Reporting the information disclosed through TDnet on this Web site may be considerably delayed, however, due to the time needed to prepare PDF files and other presentation materials. Therefore, we ask users to refer to TDnet and other relevant sources in addition to this Web site when confirming information disclosed by the Company.
Before releasing financial statements, the Company observes a quite period of one month, during which it refrains from making comments or responding to enquiries related to performance, in order to prevent the disclosure of information that may affect its share price while the statements are being prepared. If forecasts are significantly revised during the quiet period, however, the Company will appropriately disclose the information through a press release.
The market for information technology and other related markets that the Company operates in are undergoing rapid changes. In this context, the Company adheres to a policy of conducting timely and fair IR activities as a means to promote accurate understanding of its business undertakings.
The Company reserves the right to revise, correct or erase contents of this Web site or materials posted on this Web site without providing prior notice.
The Company makes serious efforts to ensure that all information included in this Web site is up to date and accurate. Nevertheless, the Company cannot guarantee the accuracy and reliability of this information at the time when users of the Web site refer to its contents.
Numerical values stated in the Company’s reports, including its securities reports, annual reports, investors’ guides, and business reports, may differ for identically named items as a result of variations in the basis for laws and regulations as well as differences in accounting standards.
This Web site includes forward-looking statements in earnings forecasts, business plans and other materials that were formulated based on certain assumptions concerning economic conditions and business policies at the time of producing the content of these statements. Accordingly, it should be recognized that actual results might differ from such forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors. Important factors that may influence results include shifts in economic conditions and social trends relevant to the Company’s business areas, as well as downward pressure on prices for the services provided by the Company owing to demand fluctuations and intensified competition. Other major factors may also impact the Company’s performance results.
The Company and its information provider assume no responsibility for any damages that result from the download of materials from this Web site.
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