Cable Networks BusinessWireless Networks Business IT Solutions Social System-Related and Other Business * NCC: New Common Carrier
Cable Networks Business The Cable Network Business carries out the construction and maintenance of equipment for telecommunications carriers and the laying and installation of fiber optic lines for households. It has also built tunnels for underground cables.
Wireless Networks Business The Wireless Networks Business constructs wireless base stations to establish widely accessible networks for mobile phones. The scope of this business ranges from conducting surveys of areas for establishing the stations to carrying out maintenance after construction completion.
IT Solutions This business creates advanced IT environments for clients through full-layer solutions ranging from physical works such as wiring operations through to maintenance and operation services after building and installing networks, servers, and applications.
Social System-Related and Other Business The Social System-Related and Other Business provides systems for observing and forecasting natural disasters including earthquakes, typhoons and floods, as well as power generation systems that use renewable energy. 
      Note: The following description applies only to observation systems.