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Corporate History

September 2003 COMSYS Holdings Corporation, a pure holding company, was established and listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange in a three-way share transfer between Nippon COMSYS Corporation, Sanwa COMSYS Engineering Corporation, and TOSYS Corporation. Nippon COMSYS Corporation and Sanwa COMSYS Engineering Corporation were delisted concomitant with the establishment of COMSYS Holdings Corporation.
September 2004 COMSYS Holdings Corporation subscribed to a third-party allotment of shares by SANWA ELEC Co., Ltd.
January 2005 The NTT Information Telecommunication Engineering Business of SANWA ELEC Co., Ltd. was centralized at Nippon COMSYS Corporation.
April 2005 SANWA ELEC Co., Ltd. was renamed SANWA COMSYS Engineering Corporation.
October 2005 COMSYS Holdings Corporation converted Kokusai Densetsu Co., Ltd. (now COMSYS WING Corporation) into a wholly owned subsidiary through a stock exchange, and made Kokusai Densetsu a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon COMSYS Corporation on the same day.
April 2007 COMSYS Holdings Corporation converted COMSYS Shared Services Corporation, previously a consolidated subsidiary of Nippon COMSYS Corporation, into a wholly owned consolidated subsidiary in order to clarify its role as a common provider of business process outsourcing services for the COMSYS Group.
April 2009 The information systems business related to software development outsourcing was spun off from Nippon COMSYS Corporation to form COMSYS JOHO SYSTEM Corporation.
June 2009 Minimum share purchase unit reduced from 1,000 shares to 100 shares.
October 2010 Management integration of TSUKEN Corporation.

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